Left over shim

I’m assembling an engine that arrived to me as a basket case, most parts in labeled bags but a few just floating around.

The crankcase is together, all gears select, clutch seems to be working, primary gear on, oil pump on and driven.
Basically ready to replace pistons and cylinder block.

But I’ve got this one shim remaining and it worries me.
Its outer diameter is 54mm, inner is 40mm and it’s 1mm thick.

Any idea of where it should go?

The engine is from a 1976 XS750.


I have an 850SH so not sure where that part goes. I have attached a few explosions and hoping it will give you an idea.2_1514081224343_clutchassembly.PNG 1_1514081224343_middledrive.PNG 0_1514081224342_kickstart.PNG

I’m thinking starter clutch assembly or idler gear maybe?

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll pull it apart after the holidays and see if I can figure it out.

Or maybe I’ll just try start it and see how many noises come out…

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