XS850 wiring diagram

  • Was browsing the old triples forum for a simplified DIY harness. I’m building a kick only cafe racer and the current harness is a mess. I have some electrical capabilities, was just hoping someone might have a schematic already. Thanks! This is for a 1980 XS850 Special.

  • Here is the diagram for the 1981 XS850 Special 0_1512525611782_wiring-H-LH-SH.jpg

  • Also. I bypassed the headlight relay and added a headlight on/off switch.

    1. I made 2 wires with male connectors on one end and female connectors on the other end.
    2. Inserted the male ends into the wiring harness plug for the headlight relay, one to the red/yellow and one to the blue/black.
    3. Connected the female ends to the on/off switch.
      You can just put the wires together to have the headlight come on automatically when the ignition key is switched on.

  • Also, also, getting rid of the headlight relay gets rid of the diode wiring from the Rectifier/Alternator to the relay. It is tough to get diodes now that Radio Shack is out of business.


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