Engine and Frame Number identification

Hi all,
From what I gathered here the number identification follows this pattern :

US & Canada models
Model Serial Number Year Color
XS750D 1J7-000101 1976 Crystal Silver
XS7502D 1J7-100101 1977 Maxi Maroon
XS750E 1J7-220101 1978 Carmine Red, Crystal Silver
XS750SE 1J7-300101 1978 Macho Maroon, Black Gold
XS750F 1J7-240101 1979 Black Gold, Vintage Burgandy
XS750SF 1J7-350101 1979 Black Gold, Carmine Red, Indigo Blue
XS850G 3J3-000101 1980 Black Blue, New Ruby Red
XS850SG 3J2-000101 1980 Black Blue, New Ruby Red
XS850LG 4H1-000101 1980 New Yamaha Black
XS850H 4R3-000101 1981 Star Silver
XS850LH 4W3-000001 1981 Yamaha Black
XS850SH 4R2-000101 1981 Black Red, Cardinal Red

Non-US models
Model Serial Number Year Color Countries
XS750E 1J7-200101 1978 Carmine Red, Crystal Silver All except Europe
XS750F 1J7-210101 1979 No Data All except Europe
XS750SE 1J7-400101 1978 Macho Maroon, Black Gold Canada & Others
XS750SF 1J7-410101 1979 Carmine Red, Indigo Blue, Black Gold Canada & Others
GX750SP 1J7-420101 1978 No Data Japan
XS750F 1J7-430101 1979 Black Gold, Vintage Burgundy Canada
GX750SP 1J7-440101 1979 No Data Japan
XS750SP 1J7-460101 1979 Macho Maroon Japan & New Zealand
XS750 1J7-493101 1980 Diamond Silver, Indigo Blue Japan
GX750 1J7-490101 1980 Diamond Silver, Indigo Blue Japan
XS750E 1T5-100101 1978 Carmine Red, Crystal Silver, Yamaha Black Europe
XS750E 1T5-200101 1978 Magenta Red, Crystal Silver, Yamaha Black France
XS750 1T5-250101 1979 Indigo Blue, Magenta Red Europe
XS750F 1T5-300101 1979 Vintage Burgundy Oceania
XS750SG 3J9-000101 1980 Black Blue Oceania
XS750SE 3L3-000101 1979 Black Gold Europe
XS750SE 3L3-005101 1980 New Yamaha Black, New Ruby Red Europe
XS850G 3U8-000101 1980 New Yamaha Black Canada
XS850SG 3V0-000101 1980 Black Blue, New Ruby Red Canada & Others
XS850 4E2-000101 1980 New Yamaha Black, New Ruby Red Europe
XS850G 4H0-000101 1980 New Ruby Red Oceania & Others
XS850LG 4H2-000001 1980 New Yamaha Black Canada
XS850SH 4T2-000101 1981 Black Red, Cardinal Red Canada

I’ve got a 1T5, bought in France and I think the first owner bought it in France, or at least Europe, so that narrows it down.

Problem is : My serial number is 1T5 008242, I checked on both the frames and the engine just to make sure and there is no mistake, she doesn’t fall in any category.

Anyone had the same problem ? The reason this bothers me so much is that, well of course first I’d like to know the year, got to be 1978 or before if there is any logic into the seriels (I hope so) but also I’d like to know and be sure what wiring diagram I should be looking into. It already confusing enough with the mentionned security light that is in fact absent.

If that can hep, here is a picture of that neglected beauty, I don’t think the guy painted the engine himself and I also think the paint job is the orginal one.
From what I read on wikipedia that might help us :

  • the seat might differ from one model to another
  • my carburetor choke has an “up” and a “down” position, different from certain videos I’ve seen on youtube where I think people had chokes that you kind of “pulled” to the left to activate.I need to check if it’s a Mark 1 or 2 maybe it’s written somewhere
  • My exhaust is a 3 into 2
  • The bike got kick start AND electronic ignition
  • I didn’t see any transparent window to see oil level

Lot of data but crap it’s hard to navigate through every details


You can see the carburetor choke on the picture bellow :


I kept looking a little and found this page where I found this quote :

“Red line: 7500 (2D) or 9000 (E)
Ignition system: points (2D) or electronic (E)
Choke direction: up and down (2D) or in and out (E)
Forks: non-adjustable (2D) or 3-way adjustable (E)”

But I don’t know what he means by Red line or what is a “points” ignition system…
What confuses me even more is that according to what he says regarding the carb “Up/Down for 2D” or “In/out for E” I should have a 2D but I still have (at least the button exists on my right commodo) an electric starter which is supposed to have appeared on the XS750E. As for thr fork I didn’t look I’ll see this weekend.

Maybe I got some kind of hybrid just in between the 2D and the E, with electric ignition but still equipped with the first carbs ? Am I repairing a prototype ?

Hi, as I said on the UK forum, check with Yamaha UK to be certain. Are you in the UK?

But, with those pictures I can see it is a standard European 2D, Colour Yamaha Black, the button you refer to is the starter button on the right hand switch gear, they all have an electric starter.

The engine has been painted as the edges to fins on the head and barrel should be polished alloy on the left and right hand side.

If you remove the right hand side cover, is there a Black box about 4" (100mm) x 3" (75mm), if so someone has fitted electronic ignition, if you have the tank off, look at the wiring to the coils, if bullets and Orange wiring = points ignition, if 2 gang multi block with a Red/White wire = electronic ignition.
Also if you remove the left hand points cover with the 3 allen screws retaining it on the end of the crankshaft, (no oil will come out), look at the plate, it will either say 1J7=points or 2F3=electronic ignition.

Also if still original from France they had all chrome mirrors.

Yes the 2D doe’s Red line at 7,500 and the E onwards 9,000, look at the rev counter.

If you post pictures of what you have on the UK forum or here I can identify most models from around the world, I can post pictures of the items you need to look at on the UK site but don’t know how to on the New US site.

Also the clocks are mounted above the top yoke, should be mounted underneath, but that’s another topic.

Hope it helps, Paul.

Thanks :), it helps a lot ! And it explains a lot as to why I didn’t find (or the wrong ones) on the bike which I believed to be a E

Here is some info on the 2D and how it is different than the D.
http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_xs750 78.htm

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