Ben's 1976 XS750

Curious how accurate the mini gauges are. I was told the ratios available aftermarket are close but not the same. This will give inaccurate readings. jdseibe, have you ever checked your against a GPS speedometer/app?

@valvesprung I still havent run it for long enough to see if its accurate

Frame stripped and painted.

0_1539297617486_01_frame stripped.jpg
0_1539297626799_02_frame primed.jpg
0_1539297632493_03_frame painted.jpg

New gauge bracket.

0_1539297667819_04_new gauge bracket.jpg

I rechecked compression after the first ride and cylinder one had none.
A valve leak down test revealed the exhaust valve was not closing.
Pulling the head showed the valve bent.
Decided to take the heads and cylinders to professionals to get full makeover.
Bored out to 826, heads surfaced, valves ground, valve seats ground, helicoils, new valve stem seals.
Compression improved from 90psi to 150.

0_1539297844441_05_heads repaired.jpg
0_1539297854069_06_cylinder and heads painted.jpg

Headspec did the work, very nice guys and great work.

Finding TDC because I lost my crank pin thing.

0_1539297978466_07_tdc found.jpg

Wideband AFR for fun.


Better crank angle sensor.

0_1539298052416_10_better crank angle dial.jpg

DIY seat cover.

I’ll probably get a pro to do some nice pleats at some stage.

0_1539298110983_11_seat covered.jpg

Ready for registration.

0_1539298128713_12_ready to registration.jpg

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