Ben's 1976 XS750

The fins are pretty holy and had a lot of silicone pumped into them…


Covers sandblasted and painted.


Looking good !!!

Lights and Clip ons.


Making progress.

Almost ready to start!

Looking good. The tail came out great and it’s always a great feeling when you do the work yourself. Keep it up.

So now I finally found pics of those bullet signals - they look very nice - I think I will get those for my bike!

Yeah, the indicators look great

Converted petcock from vacuum to manual.

Seat painted and padded.

Tank painted.


Crank pin pushed in so trying to find TDC using dodgy method.

Running!, but only just.
Requires full choke and no throttle.

Rearsets, the brake side hits on the kick starter so I’ll have to sort something out.
And the brake master cylinder is only temporary.

looks awesome! I like the single gauge setup, kind of wish I went that route, I did the dual small gauges and they work good, but I don’t think they look as nice.


1977 Yamaha XS750 2D Cafe Racer

Yeah, I think it looks tidier but I’ll be wishing for a tacho at some point.

What front master cylinder do you have and how are they working for you? I’ve just ordered some that look very similar.

The bad idle was caused by wrong pilot jets and bad ignition timing, it’s running heaps better now!

First ride, just in the yard as the front brakes are missing.

Curious how accurate the mini gauges are. I was told the ratios available aftermarket are close but not the same. This will give inaccurate readings. jdseibe, have you ever checked your against a GPS speedometer/app?

@valvesprung I still havent run it for long enough to see if its accurate

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