Xs750/850 racer

I built this bike with the aid of the old forum.
Every question I had, had already been asked and answered. It was a wonderful resource.
In two years I’ve gone through the entire bike and put together this track/street bike.
Highlights are an 81 XS850 engine in a 750 frame, welded in bracing, gen 1 busa forks with traxxion dynamics AK20, xs400 18" front wheel, xs11 final drive, ohlins shocks, continental classic attack rubber, rewired harness with a custom dash. The exhaust I fabbed from tig welded pie cuts. The muffler is from Hindle.
It has been a joy for the most part
to build and ride.
I hope I can be of some help to people here.



This is a very nice build! Reminds me of my current project (although I am building more of a “styled brat bike”

Looks like an awesome build with some nice additions.

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