Hey All, figured I would show a few pics and details of my 1977 2D Cafe Racer Project.

I originally bought this bike in a pile of parts for $100, little by little of the years I pieced it back together, put in a 79 Special engine because the original was shot. cut up the frame and went the route of a cafe racer, swapped exhaust to a Jardine 3 into 1, pod filters from MIkesXS, clubman bars, custom throttle cable, short twist race throttle, aftermarket gauges, signals, and a bunch more.

4_1509982769596_966988_460846263996509_1572447096_o.jpg 3_1509982769596_933985_445003172247485_141186638_n.jpg 2_1509982769595_923499_445003162247486_1868129750_n.jpg 1_1509982769595_901247_447707045310431_434745390_o.jpg 0_1509982769595_532792_445003175580818_258998974_n.jpg