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  • RE: Looking for people to make this site better!

    I would just create a new thread in the proper category regarding your tutorial and then upload the images there.

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  • RE: Looking for people to make this site better!

    @d-vangrinsven said in Looking for people to make this site better!:

    I can send the photo how to’s in a zip file also for you to add to the site.

    Hi Sorry!

    Been caught up with a lot of work stuff lately. as for uploading photos you just click this button.

    0_1555593381399_Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.15.06 AM.png

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  • Looking for people to make this site better!

    Hey All,

    as you all know, I created this site to help people who were frustrated with the old site who couldn’t register, but this site has really failed to take off.

    I don’t want this site to also fail like the other, so I was hoping I could get a handful of people who wanted to really help this site along, I need a few things really…

    1. people who want to create content, to help populate the site with relevant info that people can use.
    2. people who want to spread the word about the site. (facebook, etc)
    3. suggestions on improvements

    I’m willing to make people moderators on here to make changes as needed.

    any help is appreciated!


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  • RE: Photos


    0_1544393660417_Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 5.14.04 PM.png

    notice the little cloud with the arrow pointing up in my screenshot, when you hover over it, it says “upload image” not sure how to make that any more obvious than it already is?


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  • RE: yamaha xs750 runs great for 24 km then dies

    hmm, this is a tricky one, I would do a few things

    1. check to make sure your floats aren’t sticking, this could cause a “too much fuel” problem.
    2. I would also do a carb sync to make sure they are all running consistently.
    3. check the plugs to see how they look, are they gapped properly?
    4. are all 3 cylinders firing? check to see if all three header tubes are getting warm.
    5. are your vacuum caps in good shape? plugged?

    if you get it running good again and can take it on another ride, try riding with the gas cap popped (make sure the tank isn’t super full so you don’t get spillage out the top) and see if it dies again at that 24km mark.

    I experienced something similar to the dying while riding problem, the gas cap on my bike wasn’t venting properly/quick enough for whatever reason and it would actually prevent the gas from flowing down into the carbs and would cause it to starve for fuel, it would then eventually equalize pressure and flow down and was able to start again.

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  • RE: Ben's 1976 XS750

    looks awesome! I like the single gauge setup, kind of wish I went that route, I did the dual small gauges and they work good, but I don’t think they look as nice.


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  • Site Update 02/13/18

    Hey All,

    Just giving an update, due to some asset updates our template has been made incompatible with our current version of forum software, I will be doing some updates over the next couple of days to return our template back to what it was supposed to be.


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  • RE: Content Migration Effort

    @rendrmoto @retro @letank would any of you be willing to help out @Numero-Uno and @d-vangrinsven with migrating stuff? sorry I’ve been a little MIA, been really busy with work and year end stuff.

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