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RE: yamaha xs750 runs great for 24 km then dies

hmm, this is a tricky one, I would do a few things

  1. check to make sure your floats aren’t sticking, this could cause a “too much fuel” problem.
  2. I would also do a carb sync to make sure they are all running consistently.
  3. check the plugs to see how they look, are they gapped properly?
  4. are all 3 cylinders firing? check to see if all three header tubes are getting warm.
  5. are your vacuum caps in good shape? plugged?

if you get it running good again and can take it on another ride, try riding with the gas cap popped (make sure the tank isn’t super full so you don’t get spillage out the top) and see if it dies again at that 24km mark.

I experienced something similar to the dying while riding problem, the gas cap on my bike wasn’t venting properly/quick enough for whatever reason and it would actually prevent the gas from flowing down into the carbs and would cause it to starve for fuel, it would then eventually equalize pressure and flow down and was able to start again.

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RE: Ben's 1976 XS750

looks awesome! I like the single gauge setup, kind of wish I went that route, I did the dual small gauges and they work good, but I don’t think they look as nice.


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Site Update 02/13/18

Hey All,

Just giving an update, due to some asset updates our template has been made incompatible with our current version of forum software, I will be doing some updates over the next couple of days to return our template back to what it was supposed to be.


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RE: Content Migration Effort

@rendrmoto @retro @letank would any of you be willing to help out @Numero-Uno and @d-vangrinsven with migrating stuff? sorry I’ve been a little MIA, been really busy with work and year end stuff.

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RE: Content Migration Effort

@letank said in Content Migration Effort:

count me in for the migration help.

I’m going to add you as a migrator and send you a message.

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RE: Content Migration Effort

@rendrmoto said in Content Migration Effort:

I would like to help

I added you as a data migrator, I’ll message you info.

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RE: Carburetor : missing gas admission on middle carb

those ports are typically used for syncing the 3 carbs together, when not in use the middle port is just capped off.

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Mid Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days 2018

Mid Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days
7721 Steam Corners Rd, Lexington, OH 44904

PICKERINGTON, Ohio – The American Motorcyclist Association has announced that next year’s premier celebration of vintage motorcycling, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, will be July 6-8, 2018, at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

“AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days is one of the top motorcycling events in the country that brings motorcyclists together around racing, bike shows, history, recreational activity, and buying and selling motorcycles, parts and gear,” said AMA Chief Operations Officer Jeff Massey. “If you love motorcycles, old or new, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days has something for you, regardless of your age or experience level.”

A fundraiser for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days showcases classic motorcycles of all makes and styles, and honors the riders who made them famous.

“AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days is an annual tradition on Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course’s summer calendar. It is our longest continuously running event which speaks not only to our valued partnership with the AMA but to the deep passion for motorcycling across the country,” said Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course President Craig Rust. “We’re proud to be working with the AMA again to bring back this great event to North Central Ohio for the 24th consecutive year.”

Activities include the AMA Vintage Grand Championship, which features road racing, motocross, hare scrambles, trials and dirt-track racing. Another top attraction is North America’s largest motorcycle swap meet with parts, bikes and memorabilia from all eras. Bike shows bring out examples of some of history’s most beloved motorcycles. Stunt shows and demo rides of current production bikes keep attendees entertained, while seminars on numerous topics by noted motorcycling experts keep them informed.

Tickets go on sale exclusively to AMA members through the AMA on Nov. 1, and members who purchase early receive an additional $5 savings off the early-bird pricing. Members can visit or call (614) 856-1900 to order their tickets. Non-AMA members can purchase tickets through Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course starting Dec. 1 online at or by calling (419) 884-4000.

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days is a family-friendly event. Children 12 and under get in free with a ticketed adult. Free parking is also available on site.

Proceeds from AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days benefit the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. The mission of the Hall of Fame, located on the AMA campus in Pickerington, Ohio, is to tell the stories and preserve the history of motorcycling’s legends and heroes. For more information, call (614) 856-2222, or visit the Hall of Fame’s website at

About the American Motorcyclist Association

Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-for-profit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the world’s largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders’ interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year. The AMA also provides money-saving discounts on products and services for its members. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit

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